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cleanse your chakras & aura through a relaxing energy healing session with me

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your energy introduces you before you even speak

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reiki is japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation & benefits the body, the mind & your soul. it is a treatment that cleanses your aura & rebalances your chakras.


in today's world, we focus so much of our attention & energy on taking care of our psychical body, but we neglect to take care of our energy body ( the one we can't see with our two psychical eyes )  & nurturing our energy in a deeper way can create bigger shifts than any other self care practice out there.

what is reiki?

a reiki session is for you if...

-you are feeling burnt out, irritated & disconnected from yourself

-you have physical ailments that you are struggling with & you're looking for a unique way to support that healing process

-you want to raise your vibration & frequency 

-you are experiencing depression & or anxiety & you're looking for a deeper, more spiritual way to heal

-you want to learn more about what's occurring on a spiritual & soul level

-you want to connect with your spirit guides & receive intuitive guidance as you move forward

-you want to become a stronger manifestor & you are ready to do the inner work to make your dreams happen

-you want an energetic reset & recharge 

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what's involved in a reiki session ?

first things first, reiki is not bound to time & space, meaning that I can perform reiki healing from a distance and you can be anywhere in the world! 


I offer distant sessions via zoom & in person sessions at my home office. 

a session with me entails...

-30 min ( for distant sessions ) - 45 minutes ( for in person ) of silent reiki healing 

-after the healing, you receive intuitive guidance based on what I picked up about you & your energy

-you receive guidance & information regarding your chakras 

-you receive a mini card reading from me to finish the session!

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