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uplevel your brand & business with 1:1 IG support & intuitive graphic creation



i know how hard it is to grow your business & brand when your schedule is full of SO many responsibilities! I feel you. I hear you. I see you. the passion that you have for what you do can become clouded with those long daily to do lists. 

you're the CEO, the content creator, the admin, the scheduler, the healer, & much more! it just feel overwhelming wearing all hats in your business & this can take away from your ability to really deliver epic content to your audience & build a stronger presence online. 


it can feel defeating when you put so much work & time creating valuable content in canva and not receive much engagement in return. 

it took me 4 years to really start seeing momentum on Instagram & in my community. BUT i have mastered a formula that works & in just 8 months I was able to grow my following from

4,000k -52,000k

& that isn't because of reels...the growth came from my CAROUSELS!

Untitled design (54).png

something I have always had a passion for is branding & aesthetic & now I am helping spiritual entrepreneurs just like YOU uplevel their  branding & business from mediocre to LUXURY!


while having luxury & dynamic content is very key in growing your community, it isn't the only strategy to scaling. the most important thing when it comes to growth in business is ENERGETICS & VALUE. 

it's not just my pretty aesthetic that has made my posts go viral, it is whats IN the posts. BIG growth is a dance between magnetic branding & value. this is why i offer 1:1 coaching sessions a a part of the content creation process, because it is so important to learn how to produce powerful language & messaging on your own.


I love nothing more than to be of support to like minded business owners like you, giving you more time and energy to put into your offerings & clients instead of you spending your precious time creating content for IG that isn't giving you a whole lot in return.

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Ig level up

*2 month timeline & contract*

this package is for you if...

-you feel your business is ready for a brand facelift & a fresh start aesthetically

-you want to implement a fresh IG strategy to support the growth & engagement of your page 


8 carousels - 4 per month


4 60 minute 1:1 intuitive brainstorming session & IG coaching ( 2 calls a month ) 


+ weekly touch bases via voice note for in the moment support and coaching on social media strategy 

total investment: $1222.00 cad

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