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receive intuitive guidance & coaching to help monetize & grow your spiritual or wellness business



I know how lonely & confusing being your own boss can be, I get it! you know your intentions are pure & purposeful, but it feels like that goal & dream is so far out of reach because theres SO much to accomplish & do to get there. It’s hard to be consistent & show up everyday when you are a one woman show, wearing all the hats!


 Having started my business 4 years ago, I know first hand what it takes to produce & manifest a full time income. It’s a mixture of energy & self development work, strategy, epic branding, consistency & investing in yourself ( etc. ) 


I know how badly you want to take this side hustle to the next level, and how much more of an impact you are ready to make. I know because I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE! When I worked in retail, I used to day dream of the life and business I have now. All I wanted was to thrive, create an impact all while making a solid income! & I’m here to remind you that if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!!!


I haven’t gotten here solo though. I have worked with many high level coaches & invested in quite a few online courses to get here alongside having self discipline & a strong mission behind me.


I am also here to remind you that just because you haven’t been seeing the results you want, doesn’t mean it never can happen & that you suck at what you do. You followed your intuition with this idea & business for a reason. Your heart is in it and at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to make you successful. 


Part of my purpose is to support other boss babes like yourself level up your business & brand. 


let's get started by meeting face to face over a FREE curiosity call!

are you ready to level up?!

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-you have a new spiritual or wellness niched business that you feel lost with how to grow & how to gain momenutm

-you feel overwhelmed & confused with where your time and energy is best spent to cultivate success

-you have been in business for a couple years & you haven’t been seeing the results you know you are capable of creating

-you have ADHD & struggle to stay consistent and believe in yourself

-you don’t feel confident with your social media strategy & branding

-you struggle with your confidence & want a coach that really GETS you

-youre not quite ready to invest in an extensive coaching container that costs you 1000’s of dollars but still need the support & push

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business mentoring 1:1

2 1:1 60 minute private coaching calls monthly


voice note strategy support weekly 

total investment - $555.00 cad

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