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reiki training & certification 

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reiki level one

reiki healing is an energy healing technique that originated in japan. it is not bound to any sort of religion but operates within the laws of life force energy that is present everywhere. we all have life force energy ( chi ) that flows through us and sometimes that flow of energy becomes blocked. reiki healing helps to restore inner balance and initiates relaxation. 

becoming a healer doesn't require special abilities, it requires honest intention and awareness. 

heal yourself, heal others, heal the planet.

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future medicine will be

the medicine of frequencies

-albert einstein

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getting reiki certified is for you if...

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✧ you want to learn a new technique that will allow you to heal yourself & others.

✧ you want to start a small spiritual business or become a lightworker but don't know what offering to begin with.

✧ you are empathic and have always been in tune with others emotions and energy.

✧ you want to become more in tune with energy. 

 ✧ you have this innate desire to help others.

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what you gain from being certified...

✧become more in tune with your own energy & others.


✧ it supports intuitive and psychic development.


✧ you have a new life tool to help stress & anxiety.

✧can support developing a deeper meditation practice.

✧becoming a more vibrant version of yourself.

✧you know how you can help others on a deeper level.

✧improve your overall health & wellbeing.

✧a new appreciation and perspective on life.

get ready to level up financially, emotionally, spiritually, psychically, & mentally.

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reiki level one course agenda
& what you will learn

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how reiki heals

ॐ learn the history of reiki

ॐ how reiki heals yourself & others

ॐ benefits of reiki

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energy systems

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ॐ learn the chakra system, meridians, & auras

ॐ learn how to raise your own vibration

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ॐ the three pillars of reiki

ॐ the reiki ideals 

ॐ the power of intention

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learn to heal

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ॐ learn how to heal yourself with reiki using different techniques and modalities.

ॐ learn how to heal others through different techniques 

ॐ learn step by step how to perform a reiki session

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ॐ receive your level one reiki attunement & certificate

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hey! i'm carly, and iv'e been a professional psychic intuitive for  almost 4 years now. i lived a very normal life up until a depressive period in my life. i was suicidal and wanted to give up on myself and my life. i felt i had no direction & no purpose. it was when i was looking for ways to heal myself that i connected to spirituality. i felt this overwhelming sense of curiosity when reading about intuition and spiritual rituals, practices etc..

it was through those findings that i started having some intuitive experiences and from that point onward, i realized i could develop this skill and potentially help others with these "gifts" as well.

 i was always very sensitive and empathic, and i always felt ashamed of that. learning that i had a strong intuition made me feel home. everything started to make sense. as soon as i committed to integrating spiritual wisdom into my life, my abilities heightened and i became strongly connected to the spirit realm.

ever since i began my intuitive development journey, i always had this innate knowing that one day i would create a space to help others start their journeys. i wanted to create the intuitive development course i wish i had.

just know that if you are 100% focused and committed to your development like i was, you will see your life start to change for the better. everything in this course is what helped me through the darkest time of my life and brought me into a path i never could have imagined.

meet your mentor

energy exchange 

$222.00 for the 6 hour training

upcoming training dates

in person: hosted at my home on Wednesday August 17th from
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

zoom training: Tuesday August 30th 3:00 p.m -9:00 pm. est.

6 spots per training

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