a intuitive reading is perfect for you If you are….

  • Struggling with anxiety and needing assistance from someone who has BEEN WHERE YOU ARE & come out of it.

  • Needing guidance and direction with your life purpose

  • struggling with relationships. romantic, family or friendships.

  • Motivated but unsure of how to channel your energy in a more productive way

  • Have done a lot of self healing, but need specific guidance to really set you on your way. 

A couple years ago, I was facing major depression & anxiety. I was extremely unhealthy, and felt so disconnected to myself. I didn’t know who I was & what my purpose was here. I was struggling for a long time before I started to really find healing. I found myself going to therapists, psychologists, & mental health programs. All in which taught me great lessons, but at the time it didn’t truly resonate with my soul. I found myself wanting to connect on a deeper level with someone with a different, less structured approach. Now that I have come into my own spiritual gifts and path and have truly healed myself from the inside out I want to provide an authentic divine service to help you in your own struggles.

a intuitive reading with me can provide healing for you when you have tried all the conventional methods and you find yourself craving support with someone who has been in your shoes. I have a unique approach to every individual and session, and let my intuition lead the way. Being a spiritual medium and intuitive, I can read your aura and energy and share any divine messages from your angels and spirit guides that will really help you heal and move forward! I can receive information through out the reading about your past present and future and help coach and guide you through healing old traumas and making better decisions that support your future.