surrender to your souls inner guidance

an intuitive reading with me can provide you with guidance & healing that will give you the clarity that you have been longing for. I have a unique approach to every individual and session, and let my intuition lead the way.

Being a spiritual medium and intuitive, I read your aura and energy and share any divine messages from your angels and spirit guides that will really help you heal and move forward in life! I can receive information through out the reading about your past present and future and i help coach you through healing old traumas. in a session, i will empower you to make better decisions that support your future. You will come away having a better, deeper understanding of who you really are and what your soul is saying. You will walk away feeling motivated and inspired to make changes that can change your life for the better. 

a intuitive reading is perfect for you If you are….

  • Struggling with anxiety and NEEDING deeper guidance

  • Needing guidance and direction with your life purpose

  • struggling with relationships. romantic, family or friendships.

  • want to heal old traumas that are stopping you from moving forward

  • curious about what kind of energy you have and want deep insight as to what you can do to improve your mind body and soul