the tribe

the tribe was created so you have a safe space to learn about the spirit world. it's an opportunity to invite higher vibes into your life while becoming more intuitive and connected to yourself and spirit. 

when I was going through a really rough time in my life, I longed for an opportunity that would allow me to become more in tune with my intuition and spiritual abilities. I was craving to connect with more people who were interested in spirituality.

I had this hit from the universe and my spirit guides one day that maybe I should create that space for others. that maybe I should open up that opportunity so that other people have the support I so badly wanted. and now we have...

intuitive dreamers!

this tribe is meant for you if...

you are feeling lost, anxious or depressed and are looking for a way to receive messages from spirit to support you through that



you are intuitive and have always felt a connection to spirit and don’t know where to start or how to develop your abilities



you know nothing about the spiritual world and want to start living a more spiritual & healthy lifestyle 



you want to manifest more positivity in your life



you feel you are lacking real connection with people who are into the “woo - woo” stuff just like you!

what happens when you join?

you start growing your own intuitive abilities & will become a spiritual expert!

every month I host an online class featuring topics like:






and pyschic



-energy and



-spirit guides & angels



& a whole lot more!

This is better than taking a spiritual course thats a few weeks long because you can learn at a pace that fits your busy lifestyle, and the learning never ends!

you meet like minded people with the space to be whoever you want to be!

The tribe and I are there to guide & support you through anything!

This is a space where


all share

our spiritual experiences

I created this for you to feel apart of a community of 



minded people


who are wanting friendships that add value and that will bring more positive energy into your life. 

You also have access to me anytime!! i am available to you whenever you need me.

receive A PDF BOOK every month, with tools, messages from spirit & MORE!

you receive a PDF every month with

-intuitive guidance,

-an energy 

reading for 

the collective

-oracle reading for the




 -tools & exercises to

allow you to expand your


and anything else I feel called to share with you! 

giveaways & discounts  just for the tribe!

I LOVE doing giveaways!

if you join the tribe you have a chance to 

- receive exclusive giveaways! anything from oracle decks, crystals, cleansing kits and more! 

-Refer a friend to the tribe and you receive a free reading or reiki session with me!

receive a card reading every month & or get a mini reading!

every month, you receive a recorded


30-40 minute personal card reading by me!

this is a way to receive profound guidance from your angels and guides to help you on your path! If you are struggling with anything in life, you know you have an opportunity to connect with the divine every month! If you sign up with the expanded membership, you are able to receive a mini reading from spirit every month!

  join the private social media group!

I created a group on instagram just for members to interact, share experiences etc!

It is a great place to

-share questions and  support others with their questions

-receive guidance from other tribe members 

- upon joining, you can access the hub where you can find all the exclusive content created for you 

-a positive social media outlet that will help your personal development

25.55 USD MONTHLY $33-35 CAD