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this is for you if...

-you have a connection to the spirit world but struggle to manage it or interpret what you are experiencing.


-you are ready to practice on people you don't know and want that 1:1 moral support present. 


-you want to be a medium & are ready to take it seriously.

-you have had some experiences that have validated that you have a connection to people who have crossed over.

** please note that when committing to mediumship mentoring, you must be open to practicing on people. a crucial part of learning & developing in mediumship is by doing it and exercising your abilities!**

what you are investing in

6 1:1 sessions ( 1 hour long sessions once weekly )
a reiki session with me after the 8 sessions are completed
accountability & access to me anytime
access to exclusive meditations


total investment:$600.00

payment options

2 payments of $300.00


1 payment in full $600.00


add on an additional 4 1:1 sessions to take your development to another level.

this is perfect for students who are enjoying the mentorship and practice sessions and want to continue.


*i am flexible with payments, as long as the full amount is paid by the end of the sessions. i require a $100.00 deposit before starting to hold your spot.*

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" my name is katie and i live in scotland. i am so grateful to have been mentored by carly who i cant recommend enough! She is an earth angel. I felt so drawn to work with her on instagram. after following her for a while i felt guided to her mediumship coaching programme. at out 1st consultation, i felt so comfortable like she was an old friend. Carly breathed belief into me which truly helped me take a leap of a faith outside of my comfort zone. my business started to boom! Carly's chilled approach and intuitive guidance helped me see my path clearly. she has so much grace, authenticity and she puts 100 percent into everything she does. i have learned so much and I cant recommend her enough as a mentor to help you and your business sky rocket!

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"Before I met Carly I knew that I had mediumship abilities and was even channeling a bit but felt lost as to how to do a reading "on-demand", how to structure a reading, and even properly hold space for someone in this setting. I manifested Carly into my life and I would really recommend her to anyone looking to further their gifts and go from closeted medium to empowered professional. Carly was extremely attentive toward my unique journey and what I needed. She even helped sit in on readings so that she can provide feedback as I practiced, and also helped buffer that f irst step of trying to see what would happen! Carly is extremely personable and down to earth, and she is extremely talented at what she does. What I love specifically about Carly is how she takes into consideration the sitter in her readings and therefore helps me to create that space for my sitters now. Carly is a lot more than just someone to turn to in order to learn to better channel your gifts, but how to really embody being a medium that people will want to come to over and over again. I am extremely thankful for Carly's guidance. If you are considering hiring a mentor for your journey, please look no further than Carly."

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"working with carly was so fun and a truly life changing experience. she has a powerful calming presence which instantly makes you feel at ease, calm and safe. i've had an intuitive reading and 1:1 intuitive coaching sessions and both were profoundly transformative. i looked forward to our sessions every week. every session was so spot on with what i needed guidance on at the time. she is such a beautiful soul and i am so extremely grateful to have connected with her!"