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HEALER ( noun ) 
bridge builder. ethereal explorer, compassionate leader. spiritual warrior. alchemist of the heart.

here's how i help you heal


cleanse, clear, and elevate your chakras and aura through a relaxing energy healing session.

what i do:

  • zoom or in person sessions 

  • the session entails: 35 minutes of reiki healing - 20 minutes of intuitive guidance + a mini card reading

  • i provide you with information regarding your chakras & any messages spirit wants me to deliver.

  • i use music & mantras as well as other tools to support the healing.

benefits of reiki healing

  • releases tension in the body.

  • promotes harmony & balance - mind, body & soul.

  • breaks down energy blockages.

  • reiki energy can help you sleep better.

  • helps spiritual growth.

  • emotionally cleansing.

  • accelerates the bodies ability to heal.

we all have blockages in our aura cause by our life experiences, our mindsets, our health, our fears etc. it is my job as your reiki master to help you begin to heal those blocks. i am clairvoyant, which gives me profound insight into your energy & chakras. with my ability to see energy, i can tell you accurately what is truly amazing and unique about your energy & how you can best heal yourself as you move forward in your earthly journey.

$111.00 / one hour 15 minute session.

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card readings are an empowering tool that can elevate & support your life path as well as provide you with clarity & direction.

angel energy card reading

  • 30 minute reading - **my card readings are all done via voice recording & sent via email when completed.**

  • for this offering, I use only angel/oracle cards, no tarot! ) 

  • angel energy readings is a perfect offering for you if you are struggling, feeling lost or if you just need a boost of  inspiration, & guidance to keep going.

  • i pull a total 9 cards **sometimes more cards decide to fall out & i always honour those**

  • this is not a predictive psychic reading as this purpose of these readings is to channel your angels & spirit guides energy & give you the guidance that you need to hear for the present and near future. it's an opportunity to hear deeper perspective to support you in understanding your life path & lessons. when you apply the guidance given, you will be able to manifest the future you desire & deserve.

what this reading covers:

  • what your angels & guides would like you to know right now

  • life lessons your angels are encouraging you to learn

  • guidance for next steps/future

$111.00/ 30 minute reading

my card reading turn around time depends on how many readings i have ahead of yours & my schedule. it's first come first serve. your reading spot is confirmed after the payment is received. you can expect your reading within 14-21 business days of purchasing.

a glimpse into 2023 reading

  • 45 minute reading - **my card readings are all done via voice recording & sent via email when completed.**

  • I use a mixture of tarot & oracle cards for this reading

  • this is perfect for you if you are wanting some perspective & guidance moving into 2023 and what opportunities & lessons may present themselves.

  • i pull a total 12 cards **sometimes more cards decide to fall out & i always honour those**

  • there are predictive elements involved in this reading however this is meant to empower you to make the best decisions for you, as we all are the creators of our own lives, & nothing's ever promised.

what this reading covers:

  • the theme & energy of your new year

  • life lessons you may learn

  • guidance to support you through challenges ahead

  • guidance to help you achieve and manifest your goals & dreams

  • what opportunities may be coming your way

$130.00/ 45 minute reading

the new year card readings I begin to record starting November 1st - January 31st. my card reading turn around time depends on how many readings i have ahead of yours, my schedule, & the holidays. it's first come first serve. *your reading spot is confirmed after the payment is received.* 


A high vibe 1:1 offering that is supporting you with your strategy on IG & helping you up-level your confidence in your brand vision & business. 

this is for you if:

  • -you feel lost with your IG brand vision & aesthetic and are looking for feedback & coaching

  • -you feel disconnected from your business & are looking for a fresh start & new inspiration

  • -you want to create a stronger sense of community within your business & IG 

  • -you aren’t seeing a turnover in clients with what you're doing now & want a new perspectives & ideas to work with

  • -you are struggling to sell your offerings with confidence 

  • -you want to learn more about how your energy impacts the success of your business & IG growth

  • -you feel lost with how to navigate and create reels

  • -you are shifting your business in a new direction & want a strong start with this new vision and path

  • -you don’t feel your brand matches you as a person

what we cover together:

  • -I support you in creating a new brand vision & ideas for a new aesthetic 

  • -engagement strategies 

  • -attracting ideal clients on IG & client experience

  • - business organization 

  • -reel strategies & coaching

  • -selling yourself in a way that feels authentic to you on IG 

  • -energetics behind your business & why that matters on IG

what you are investing in:

  • (3) 1:1 90 minute sessions on zoom.

  • a 30 minute business focused card reading.

total investment:


payment options:

2 payments of $277.00

or pay in full

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A high vibe branding offering, supporting you with creating graphics that match your energy & business mission

this is for you if...

  • -you struggle to create graphics and content that reflects your energy & your business mission 

  • -you try and create your own posts but find it frustrating and hard

  • -you want graphic templates you can re use after we're done working together

  • -you desire to rebrand your whole business and want to start fresh with a new aesthetic

  • -you want more engagement on your graphics & carousels

the investment & next steps...

After we connect on a free 30 minute call, I create a custom package with pricing & how many graphics I am able create for you based on your needs & desires as a business owner. 


Pricing ranges anywhere from$300.00 - $1500.00 cad ( this price includes revisions )

If you are wanting a bigger upgrade for your business & branding, I can support you with both 1:1 mentoring & strategy sessions as well as creating graphics for you.

the investment for both options:

  • the price for both options together will also be customized to your needs as it depends on how much graphic creation you would like. This option starts around $850.00 cad



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development online course

awaken your intuition


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reiki healer cerftifications & trainings

Reiki Level One & Two