ARE YOU AN INDIGO SOUL? 10 signs you are an indigo child/adult.

We often hear the spiritual terms, light-worker, healer, psychic, medium etc. one we don’t hear as often, is an indigo child or adult. At the beginning of my spiritual journey & career, one of the ways I actually had some of the biggest transformational aha moments was when I picked up a book called indigo adults. I started reading it and thought WOW I can’t believe this, this is describing me.

An indigo being is an intuitive, sensitive, creative, rebellious, free-spirited soul with a strong desire to help people. through childhood, you may have felt out of place and had a hard time dealing with social norms. Indigo children/adults are said to have been born in the later 70s - early 90s.

I am thankful for learning about indigo beings because I don’t know if I would be where I am now without coming across that book. It launched me onto my spiritual path. It instantly made me feel more connected to my true self, and understand my childhood experiences and why I am the way I am. I want to share what I learned about being an indigo being, and what it can mean for you.

Maybe you are also an indigo child/adult and don’t know it yet!

Here are 10 signs that you are an indigo soul:

1) You are intelligent but may not have/had the best grades in school.

Often times, indigo beings can be intelligent but have a hard time focusing. A lot of Indigos have symptoms of ADHD. ( this was me ) Indigos are souls that have come from over 100 years of lifetimes and are having to adapt to the new societal norms. A lot of the behaviour in indigo children are similar to symptoms of ADHD. If this is you, know that just because you didn’t get the best grades in school doesn’t mean you aren’t intelligent. You have a big purpose in this world and that is a huge reason why you had an inability to accept new ways of being and thinking.

2) You are an old soul

Indigos always have felt older than they are. You view and see the world way beyond your years. This is because you have lived many lifetimes and have come here with more life knowledge and experience than the average person.

3) You are strong willed and don’t listen to authority.

Because of your strong will to follow your own rules, you may have been a “trouble maker”. You have had trouble listening to authority because you have had this innate need to follow your own path. Also, you may have had a hard time following rules because you have a bigger curiosity as to why it is a rule, and if you understand the why, then you will follow the rule.

4) You are very creative

You love to draw, write, paint, whatever it is, you always wished you could be doing that instead of being in boring school lectures. You would much rather be following your passions!

5) You have a deeply empathic nature

When you feel, you really feel it! You have a hard time watching the news, or hearing about tragic news because you get overwhelmed easily. It's hard for you not to take on other peoples emotions, and you are a very caring and kind natured person.

6) You have had some unusual spiritual experiences

You had an interest in spiritual or psychic phenomenon at an early age. You may have shown interest in religion and despite being brought up in a nonreligious family, you had a desire to pray or visit spiritual sights. You may have had experiences as a child seeing other beings from other realms, spirits, or angels.

7) You have had weird experiences with technology

On a material plane, you may have noticed that you have weird situations with technology. You might have tried to wear watches and the battery runs out abnormally fast or suddenly would stop working. You notice that other technologies will behave strangely when you are around them, or that you would often notice lights will flicker or blow out when you are in the room.

8) You have a strong desire to find purpose in life

You may have always had an innate knowing without any logistics that you are meant to help people. You were never obsessed with finding a career and financial success and instead you just wanted to make life meaningful.

9) You have experienced episodes of Depression

You may have found it difficult to explain what you were feeling inside. Always having an intuitive feeling that you were different than others and have feelings of being “abnormal”, even though on the outside your life was completely normal. You found it difficult to relate to others and understand society.

10) You are highly intuitive

You have noticed that you have had many synchronistic experiences as a child, or had a deep clear knowing about situations or people. Perhaps you even had intuitive feelings something bad was going to happen, and then it did. Or you were very aware of peoples energy. You always noticed signs from a young age, like seeing repetitive numbers.

If you can relate to the majority of these signs, its more than likely you are an indigo child/adult! Especially if you are an adult now, knowing the signs and characteristics of being an indigo soul can help you connect with your inner child on a deeper level.

You may even find yourself having revelations after reading this and realize there were many times that you experienced things that fit with being an indigo soul.

I hope this helps you because for me it was a catapult in my spiritual journey and deeply healing.

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