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awaken your intuition

intuitive development course

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your intuition is your innate superpower and your very own inner compass. we are conditioned to believe that our intuition is "silly" or not a "legit" tool. but that's far from the truth. stepping into your higher self and leading life with your intuition is life changing. more and more people are awakening up to their own soul and intuition and the vibration of the planet is raising. you've been led here for a reason. something about this course intrigued you.. which is a poke from your intuition. if you are ready to be apart of the great awakening and to live a more abundant and spiritual life..this is your sign to start.

i wanted to create a course that i wish i had when i started out in my own spiritual journey. i struggled to find resources that i trusted and resources that really gave me the practical tools & knowledge to support my development. i am so passionate about helping more people like you develop their intuition and develop a deeper connection with the mind, body and soul because i know it's possible to go from thinking you aren't capable to a becoming a powerhouse intuitive. with the right mentors, knowledge, and practice, your intuition will become your own superpower.


there is a voice

that doesn't use words. listen.

- rumi

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this course is for you if...

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✧ you want to develop your intuition & connection to your spiritual self but aren't ready to invest hundreds of dollars in a 1:1 mentor.

✧ you feel disconnected from your soul & feel tired of being apart of the matrix.

✧ you have a hard time understanding the difference between your fear and intuition.


 ✧ you have always been empathic and sensitive and want to better understand yourself & how you can use those traits to your advantage.

✧ you know nothing about spirituality and feel called to start learning more about it.


✧ you are going through a spiritual awakening and looking for support and knowledge.

✧ you have always had an innate desire to help others but you  don’t have clarity on how or what that would look like.

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what you will gain from this course..

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✧ you will have a much stronger connection to your mind body soul & intuition.


✧ a clearer understanding how energy works & how to harness your own.

✧ you will have a stronger connection to your higher self. 


✧ you know how to raise your energetic vibration & be able to better read other people's energy.


✧ how the chakras work and how to heal & connect with your own chakras.


✧ a clearer knowing of the difference between fear vs intuition.


 ✧ tools & knowledge to up level your psychic abilities.


this course will be launched in three phases. this is going to allow you to integrate what you have learned before moving into the next phase of development


phase one - course circulum

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intro to who i am, my why for creating this course & what you need to know before diving in. (15:35)

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higher self

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 connecting your higher self (13:49)

5 PDF info & worksheets

higher self meditation 

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raising your vibration

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raising your energetic awareness & vibration (20:01)

6 PDF info & worksheets

raising your vibe meditation 

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the chakra system

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learn the chakras & how they assist intuitive development (29:40)

13 PDF info & worksheets

chakra activation meditation  & third eye activation

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fear vs intuition

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learn the difference between ego/fear & your intuition (40:21)

8 PDF info & worksheets

meditation/practice visualization 

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hey! i'm carly, and iv'e been a professional psychic intuitive for  almost 4 years now. i lived a very normal life up until a depressive period in my life. I was suicidal and wanted to give up on myself and my life. i felt i had no direction & no purpose. it was when i was looking for ways to heal myself that i connected to spirituality. i felt this overwhelming sense of curiosity when reading about intuition and spiritual rituals, practices etc..

it was through those findings that i started having some intuitive experiences and from that point onward, i realized i could develop this skill and potentially help others with these "gifts" as well.

 i was always very sensitive and empathic, and i always felt ashamed of that. learning that i had a strong intuition made me feel home. everything started to make sense. as soon as i committed to integrating spiritual wisdom into my life, my abilities heightened and i became strongly connected to the spirit realm.

ever since i began my intuitive development journey, i always had this innate knowing that one day i would create a space to help others start their journeys. i wanted to create the intuitive development course i wish i had.

just know that if you are 100% focused and committed to your development like i was, you will see your life start to change for the better. everything in this course is what helped me through the darkest time of my life and brought me into a path i never could have imagined.

meet your mentor

you might be thinking..what if i am just not intuitive? what if i can't connect with it? intuition isn't a gift given to special souls. we are all born with intuition. it is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced. it may comes easier to some more than others but it is absolutely your birthright to be intuitive. 

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energy exchange 

phase one- $111.00

for a one time investment, the course is forever yours.

*phase two is launching fall 2022*