1:1 private sessions

you were born to light up the world

investing in yourself is the ONLY way to succeed. it is the only way to see real change in your life. I have invested A LOT of time and money into myself to be where I am today. I still invest in myself and always will! I know it works, and now my duty is to help you make BIG progress and steps in your life.

when I started out in my spiritual journey I felt completely overwhelmed and lost. The biggest struggle for me was finding a mentor that understood my empathic sensitivities and all the other emotions that come with being clairvoyant and a medium. I wanted so badly to have someone to call if I felt afraid or someone to have 1:1 time with so I could ask questions and feel supported. Mostly, I just wanted support and to feel understood.


I didn’t find that for myself, and now that I have built a very successful business for myself in such a short time, I knew all along that part of my calling and purpose was to help other spiritual souls like you, find your way and become the successful souls that you are meant to be!

mentoring for the

intuitive boss babes

for the spiritual entrepreneurs that want to create or elevate their dream business

mentoring for the

aspiring light  workers

for the souls that want to start healing themselves so they can heal others

mentoring for the

mediums in the making

for the mediums out there that are ready to be of service and ready to own your superpowers!


-you already have started a spiritual business and  you don’t know how to get it off the ground


-you don’t know what direction to take your spiritual business in and need intuitive guidance


-you are a spiritual entrepreneur and need assistance with building a website and or branding your business 


-you want to learn how to manifest consistent clients and more money!


-you need coaching on your mindset & self confidence


-you need support with building a successful social media presence.


-you have been feeling a calling to start a spiritual career path and don’t know where to start


-you feel stagnate and stuck but know deep down you want to be be a light worker 


-you struggle with your self confidence


-you know you are empathic and have a connection to the spiritual world but don’t know what your gifts are and what your purpose is


-you want to work on your bettering your mindset and conquer your anxieties


-you have a hard time getting motivated to take action with your calling because its overwhelming to think about where to start 


-you have been experiencing a connection with the other side and have no idea where to begin


-you receive clear messages from the other side and want to begin to understand what it means


-you want coaching on how to deliver information to people in a more professional way


-you know your a medium and are struggling to come out of the “ medium closet “


-your abilities give you anxiety and you feel you need support on how to manage your abilities


-if want to practice your abilities to build confidence without being thrown into an advanced mediumship circle.


-if you are really nervous about the idea of actually starting to do readings with clients and need support on how to feel prepared of that


-if you don’t have anyone in your close circle of friends or family that supports what you want to do and you are looking for someone to support and inspire you

intuitive boss babe mentoring

6 1 hour sessions * 3 1:1 sessions monthly (2 months) * $420 - $70 per hour session

aspiring light worker mentoring

6 1 hour sessions * 2 1:1 sessions monthly(3 months) * $420 - $70 per hour session

medium in the making mentoring

8  1 hour sessions * 4 1:1 sessions monthly(2 months) * $580 - $72 per hour session

** payment plans available to suit what works for you**

these programs are designed with the intention to be flexible. if you resonate with a little bit from each program offering, I can support you with all of the above! 

interested but want to know more? schedule a free 30 minute curiosity call with me