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i created this high vibe 1:1 offering to provide next level support for you on your spiritual business journey. I know first hand how isolating, confusing and challenging it can be to start a mystical business and see the growth that you desire. now that i have created a business from scratch and have had immense success, I am fulfilling part of my purpose in helping you with your journey!

this is for you if...

-your spiritual biz feels stagnant and you want to see more growth, more clients & more money


-you want intuitive guidance on where to focus your time and energy to be successful


-you need support with building a strong online presence and brand


-you want to learn different strategies and techniques to strongly market yourself


-you want to know the ins and outs of building a spiritual biz from someone who has started from the bottom!


-you want to get clear on your offerings, mission and goals

the breakdown - what we cover

what you will walk away with:


energetics of a successful biz

learn how to use energy as your greatest tool. the energy behind your biz can make or break your success.


marketing your biz

 we cover different unique strategies ( analytical & spiritual ) that will help drive more traffic & elevate your presence.


money manfiestation

i share my greatest money manifestation tools & rituals to help you make more money!


branding your biz 

i walk you through the key components of what makes a strong brand & how that contributes to the success of your business.


spiritual tools & rituals

i share my most successful rituals and tools that can elevate your businesses success


biz operations & organization

learn how this contributes to the success of your biz. game changer!

additional topics we will cover together

 client relationships, failures & opportunities, meditation, etc.

what you are investing in

6 1:1 sessions ( 1 hour long sessions bi weekly )
a reiki session with me after the 6 sessions are completed
a 30 minute intuitive reading by me
accountability & access to me anytime
access to exclusive meditations

total investment $985.00

payment plans

pay 4 payments of $246.00


pay 2 payments of $492.00


pay in full $985.00

*i am flexible with payments, as long as the full amount is paid by the end of the sessions.* i require a $100.00 deposit before beginning our sessions to secure your spot

emily's testimonial

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mystical business


mystical biz
*mini sessions*

this is for you if...

- you want to see more growth in your business & you are looking for 1:1 intuitive guidance but you don't want to commit to a larger investment.

-you want to rebrand and re structure your biz & need some 1:1 support and coaching on that

-you are looking to align yourself with a high vibe mentor to help you feel more clear on your next steps

what we can cover together

tools & rituals to support the growth of your biz, branding, marketing and instagram growth, your offerings, money manifestation, ideal client and client relationships etc.

what you are investing in

2 1:1 sessions ( 90 minute long sessions )
a reiki session with me after the 2 sessions are completed
accountability & access to me anytime
access to exclusive meditations

total investment $350.00

payment options

2 payments of $175.00


1 payment in full $350.00

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Working with Carly has been such a humbling, life changing experience for both my business and my personal life! Carly's intuitive gifts are so special and I truly felt like she was communicating with my soul. She encouraged me to follow the nudges from the universe and my spirit guides and wow what a change that has made! Not only am I on a path I had no idea I would take, but this path feels like the one I was always meant to be on and I can feel my soul singing! I am BEYOND grateful for Carly's constant support and encouragement; she always knew what I needed and how to support me. Carly I miss you already and I know for sure, I will be back!! So much love for you and your incredible gifts! 

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" my name is katie and i live in scotland. i am so grateful to have been mentored by carly who i cant recommend enough! She is an earth angel. I felt so drawn to work with her on instagram. after following her for a while i felt guided to her mediumship coaching programme. at out 1st consultation, i felt so comfortable like she was an old friend. Carly breathed belief into me which truly helped me take a leap of a faith outside of my comfort zone. my business started to boom! Carly's chilled approach and intuitive guidance helped me see my path clearly. she has so much grace, authenticity and she puts 100 percent into everything she does. i have learned so much and I cant recommend her enough as a mentor to help you and your business sky rocket!