Spiritual Mentoring

you were born to light up the world

investing in yourself is the ONLY way to succeed. it is the only way to see real change in your life. I have invested A LOT of time and money into myself to be where I am today. I still invest in myself and always will! I know it works, and now my duty is to help you make BIG progress and steps in your life.

when I started out in my spiritual journey I felt completely overwhelmed and lost. The biggest struggle for me was finding a mentor that understood my empathic sensitivities and all the other emotions that come with being clairvoyant and a medium. I wanted so badly to have someone to call if I felt afraid or someone to have 1:1 time with so I could ask questions and feel supported. Mostly, I just wanted support and to feel understood.


I didn’t find that for myself, and now that I have built a very successful business for myself in such a short time, I knew all along that part of my calling and purpose was to help other spiritual souls like you, find your way and become the successful souls that you are meant to be!

mentoring for the

intuitive boss babes

for the spiritual entrepreneurs that want to create or elevate their dream business

mentoring for the

aspiring light  workers

for the souls that want to step into their spiritual power and begin a new journey

mentoring for the

mediums in the making

for the mediums out there that are ready to be of service and ready to own your superpowers!