when i began my spiritual journey, part of the struggle for me was feeling understood and finding a mentor i truly felt connected with and felt safe with. now that i have created a very successful business for myself, i am passionate about being a guide and mentor for others who wish to pursue a spiritual path in life and want to develop their innate intuitive abilties.

intuitive mentoring

the mentorship programs I offer

spiritual business mentoring

mentoring that will support and elevate your spiritual business

this is for you if..

-you're struggling with growing your business

-you need support with building a strong brand

-you're struggling with your conf idence 

-you want to attract more clients & more income

mediumship mentoring

a safe space to practice connecting with spirits while receiving 1:1 feedback and support.

this is for you if...

-you have a connection with the spirit world but have a hard time understanding 

-you are ready to put yourself out there and practice giving readings

-you want support with how to facilitate a proffesional reading 

-you are looking for support and accountability 

intuitive development mentoring

receive support with uncovering your innate intuitive abilities while also doing deep healing work

this is for you if...

- you want to live a more spiritual lifestyle and learn more about intuition and spirituality 

-you want to uncover blocks and are prepared to do deep healing work

-you want to elevate your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities

-you want to learn different rituals and healing modalities

- you want to deepen your meditation practice

these programs are designed with the intention to be flexible. if you resonate with a little bit from each program offering, I can support you with all of the above! 



"Before I met Carly I knew that I had mediumship abilities and was even channeling a bit but felt lost as to how to do a reading "on-demand", how to structure a reading, and even properly hold space for someone in this setting. I manifested Carly into my life and I would really recommend her to anyone looking to further their gifts and go from closeted medium to empowered professional. Carly was extremely attentive toward my unique journey and what I needed. She even helped sit in on readings so that she can provide feedback as I practiced, and also helped buffer that f irst step of trying to see what would happen! Carly is extremely personable and down to earth, and she is extremely talented at what she does. What I love specif ically about Carly is how she takes into consideration the sitter in her readings and therefore helps me to create that space for my sitters now. Carly is a lot more than just someone to turn to in order to learn to better channel your gifts, but how to really embody being a medium that people will want to come to over and over again. I am extremely thankful for Carly's guidance. If you are considering hiring a mentor for your journey, please look no further than Carly."


"working with carly was so fun and a truly life changing experience. she has a powerful calming presence which instantly makes you feel at ease, calm and safe. i've had an intuitive reading and 1:1 intuitive coaching sessions and both were profoundly transformative. i looked forward to our sessions every week. every session was so spot on with what i needed guidance on at the time. she is such a beautiful soul and i am so extremely grateful to have connected with her!"

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