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read what previous clients have shared about healing & working with me!

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"i really enjoyed my reiki session experience with carly! It was my first time & she was so welcoming & friendly (even virtually). she said so many things that resonated with me & her advice was exactly what I needed to hear. a couple of months after i felt so much more open and so much abundance started flowing into my life. i highly recommend carly she is amazing." 
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"working with carly has been such a humbling, life changing experience for both my business & my personal life! carly's intuitive gifts are so special and i truly felt like she was communicating with my soul. she encouraged me to follow nudges from the universe and my spirit guides and wow what a change that has made! not only am i on a path i had no idea i would take, but this path feels like the one i was always meant to be on and i can feel my soul singing! i am beyond grateful for carly's constant support and encouragement, she always knew what i needed and how to support me. carly i miss you already and i know for sure i will be back!! so much love”.
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"i have had the pleasure of knowing carly for the past couple years. when we first crossed paths, it felt like we had already known each other for years. her genuine authenticity and loving energy shines through her personality. i reached out for guidance during a time when covid seemed to present continuous obstacles in my business and she took me under her wing as a mentoring student. as a fellow spiritual entrepreneur, carly listened to my business pain points, addressed actions i could take to help me push me and my business to the next level. In an ever changing world and constant social media updates, i felt her suggestions were achievable, realistic, and helped give me ideas on how i could market myself in a spiritual niche. i appreciate her so much - her friendship & mentorship. i highly recommended carly to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. thank you carly!" 
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"my name is katie & i love in scotland. I am so grateful to have been mentored by carly who i can't recommend enough! she is an earth angel. i felt so drawn to work with her on instagram. after following her for a while i felt guided to her mentoring sessions. at our first consultation, i felt so comfortable like she was an old friend. carly breathed belief into me which truly helped me take a leap of faith outside my comfort zone. my business started to boom! carly has a chilled approach and her intuitive guidance helped me see my path clearly. she has so much grace, authenticity, and she puts 100 percent into everything she does. i have learned so much and i can't recommend her enough as a mentor to help you and your business skyrocket!" 
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"i had an absolutely amazing mentorship experience with carly - i am so grateful that i was intuitively guided to find her and i can't say enough good things about working with her. i am a spiritual medium, and after a reading with carly I knew that she would be an amazing mentor to help me in my soul led business journey. after signing up for her 1:1 program, she developed a custom mentorship program for me and my business needs! during my mentorship, carly taught me everything she knows about being a professional intuitive , branding my social media, offerings, money mindset pricing and working with clients. she is an absolute expert at branding and aesthetics and helped me create a kick ass re brand for my business. carly was able to provide all the support i needed to grow my business. i just quit my full time job to be a spiritual entrepreneur thanks to her help and guidance! take the leap with carly!!! it is so worth it!!! 
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i absolutely love my sessions with carly. 

she is not only brilliantly intuitive, she’s genuine and honest. 

you know after spending time with carly how authentic she is. 

i have personally never worked with anyone who is as connected as carly is. 

i hope to always have her in my life.

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i absolutely loved my reiki session with carly. honestly, it was very different from any other reiki sessions that i have had in the past and that is what i loved most about it. the reiki session was done in complete silence and I was able to connected with the feelings and sensations channelling through my body. after the session was complete, together we discussed what came up ad how to honour those moments or memories moving forward. her presence is uplifting and yet grounding all at the same time. carly is absolutely amazing at what she does and i would greatly recommend her to anyone looking for a reiki session!  
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i had my first ever reiki experience with carly & she was amazing. The atmosphere and vibe she brings is so calming & comfortable. she's so easy to talk to and i felt at ease right away. she also gave me beautiful messages & guidance from my grandmother, i left feeling light and rejuvenated. I am now a lifetime client! 
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carly simply blew me away with such an amazing soul guidance card reading. she is incredibly gifted, her heightened intuition is incredibly accurate. carly has a way of communicating messages that land so perfectly  i truly felt connected to every word she shared. i felt such a resonance with her approach and the way she shared the information coming through. i'm so grateful to have been a recipient of her beautiful gifts!! 

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carly is by far my favourite reiki practitioner. she has an incredible and beautiful gift! i always look forward to the spiritual healing, recalibration, & enlightenment i receive from our sessions. i've used our reiki sessions as a way to spiritually, mentally and physically ground myself & in turn learned so much about myself over the last year! 
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carly is such a special soul and working with her through her business mentoring sessions & reiki sessions has allowed me to expand in so many areas of my life & in my own spiritually led business. her guidance and support has helped me deepen my spiritual practice and intuition. if i could - i literally would have a reiki session with carly every week! it's so mind clearing and just feels like a complete reset button. not only does it completely allow you to release all the blocks and stagnant energy but gives you clear direction and confirmation for your path. i am so grateful for carly and the space she holds for me.  -
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i don't think words can even describe how incredible carly is, you have to experience it for yourself to understand! from the moment you start any session with carly you can feel her energy, how genuine she is and her love for what she does. everything she has done for me from card readings, events and workshops i have joined and especially her reiki sessions, i am always blown away. carly connects with you in a way that you feel like you've been friends forever and makes you feel so comfortable. i have done many reiki sessions with her and will always continue doing them because everytime its a new experience with new guidance. i can't recommend her enough, i share her abilities and tell everyone what she has done for me. 

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 i was referred to carly from a very dear friend of mine who had such an amazing experience herself.

i was at a very low time and was trying to find some balance so I just felt I needed to try this reiki massage my friend told me about and how she felt afterwards. so i messaged carly and she replied so promptly and booked me in. the day of my first appointment, i had to cancel due to a family emergency and carly was so understanding and webookedd right away.

during the whole process carly walked me through what to expect and to just relax. i had never done anything like this before but knew i needed an energy clearing and let me tell you... i got that and way way more!!!I had such a positive experience with Carly and she made me feel so comfortable and didn't rush the treatment at all. it was by far the best first experience for someone just learning about reiki or wanting to explore their intuition side. i find carly such a sweet soul, a shining light in this world and I am very very grateful our paths crossed. best experience ever!!!! 

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carly is so special! she has the most radiant and positive energy ever. i have been to a few healers/mediums in my life and she is by far the best.  after just a few sessions of reiki with her, i felt a weight lifted off my chest and she knew exactly what I needed.  I feel lighter and more centered right away! carly is very insightful, honest, and fulfilling! i was reminded of my own personal power and intuition. i truly recommend going to her if you feel like you need a shift in your life! 
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I have taken Carly’s Level 1 Reiki Certification course, and I can say it’s honestly changed my life for the better.

When I had my first reiki session with Carly, I never thought I would take a reiki course myself. I thought I wasn’t worthy or able to do something as amazing and spiritually energetic as reiki. She explained to me that a lot of people do the training just for themselves, friends and family, as well as a way to better connect to their intuition and to learn about energy. Once I learned that, I decided to give it a shot.

The course was so informative and positive. Carly is knowledgeable and passionate about reiki healing and spiritual development. She is so genuine and really knows how to make you feel welcome and accepted. The attunement process was life changing. I felt so much positive energy vibrating through my body when she attuned me. Ever since then, I really feel a difference in my emotional and spiritual health. 

If you’re on the fence, jump off of it and into a course with Carly. You won’t regret it. 

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I did reiki level 1 course with Carly. What a lovely training it was. I learned so much and Carly is so knowledgable. She made it easy to understand the terminology and learning the benefits of reiki really motivated me. I did the course for my own healing and so happy to understand now what it will do for me. She provided a booklet of information that I am happy to refer back to later. Loved my training with Carly. Highly Recommend! 
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I recently received my level one with Carly and it was so great! The material she provided made it so easy to understand. She made the atmosphere of the class so comfortable and such a good vibe. I can’t wait to do level 2 with her! Highly recommend learning from Carly!
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