Carly is an absolute gem. she is an angel on earth with an amazing gift and a soulful compassion, for others she is a genuine soul who wants to help others with her gifts. i knew carly as a child and we recently re connected a with a reading that changed my life as it guided me to pursue my own spirituality and become more in tune with my intuition. carly is extremely accurate with her validation through her readings and has intuItively coached me to pursue bigger and better things in life with courage that i didn't know i had.  


my time with carly was so comfortable. the entire experience was new to me and i felt at ease the entire time. my reading was spot on and the connection to my lost loved one felt so strong. i am very grateful for carly and this experience as it has given me peace in a time where ti has been hard to find. I will forever be thankful for this experience. if you have lost a loved one and are thinking about booking with carly, i would high recommend it.


a reading with carly was the best birthday present i ever could have given myself. i was very hesitant to do a mediumship reading and had almost booked numerous times and then would give myself an excue as to why i shouldnt, i am so glad i didnt talk myself out of it this time. Carly made me feel at ease. she made me feel so comfortable and calm right from the beginning. my experience with her was so real and the connection to my loved ones felt so strong. i was blown away with her gift of love and messages she was able to give me. i will forever be thankful for this experience. i would highly recommend carly to anyone looking for a medium reading! thank oy ymo much carly for the clairy you have given me and te peace it has brought me. 




"Carly is amazing. The initial vibe I got walking into the experience was so calm and she was welcoming. I was curious and a tad skeptical at first, as it was my first reading, but I loved the experience. The reading itself was incredibly accurate, down to an actual photo she described of my grandpa that we have hanging in his house! I loved that she didn’t over share or guarantee specific things would happen because personally I don’t want to know every single thing that’s going to happen in my life and when and with who. I’m so happy with my reading, it gave me clarity and peace. I will for sure be going back for another one!"



"My reading experience with Carly was honestly so life changing. She made me feel so comfortable and her calming energy radiated the room. I was carrying a lot of guilt for many years in regarding to my personal life and after that session I felt such freedom. Connecting with my loved one through Carly, gave me a sense of relief as well as a massive amount of clarity as I continue on my life journey." 


"I have been to many mediums in the past, but never have I felt so comfortable, that I felt as if I was just chilling with an old friend. We really connected, and so did she!!

Other mediums have struggled to connect to my passed loved ones, but she connected immediately! I no longer go to other mediums because why would I? I found the best one out there. She is so sooooo accurate and provides so many private details and proof confirming my loved ones are still with me in my everyday life. 

She was able to tell me my private 'signs' I get from my loved ones that I’ve never told anyone. 

Pink roses and unicorns make me think of my daughter that passed. She was able to tell me exactly these two things. And even said that I have two rings that makes me think of her. Also, completely true!

I could rave and rave all day long about the many readings I have had done by Carly.

But the best thing about having a reading with Carly is what happen after the reading. I started to heal. Having so much undeniable proof given to me, that my daughter is still apart of my life, I started to cope and deal with the loss in a much healthier way. When I think of my daughter, I smile because I know she is by my side everyday, just the way we all desperately hope our loved ones are. I just NEEDED the proof. I got it. I healed. And meant more to me than any words could ever communicate. 

I recommend her to everyone I know, and no one has been disappointed! 

  If your'e looking for a mind blowing accurate reading, she is the gal for the job!"  



"I have had many readings with Carly in the past year and I know that she is accurate and amazing!  I have had readings with many intuitives over the years, therefore I know how incredible her gift is.  Carly has given me insight and guidance in regards to many situations in my life.  Every time I have a reading with her, her messages and visions give me so much clarity.  Carly’s gift is truly incredible and I feel very blessed that she can share it with me!"


" personal reading with Carly provided comfort & relief  from the pain of a recent loss. 

There were messages for me & other family members & friends.

It validated her connection to the spirit world. You truly have a gift!

Thank you , Carly."


" Ive got to say...Ive always walked away from Carly's readings feeling uplifted and spiritually motivated. She has a clear vision and awesome deliverance of messages from spirit. Beautiful person inside and out. I recommend her daily to friends & clients." 



I want to thank you for taking the time to take me on a beautiful spiritual journey to connect with those in my life who have passed on. My time with you allowed me to find peace with who I am and where I am at in my life. You truly have a gift and I am blessed you were able to share it with me. I was so happy that you were able to connect with my Mom. As you already know, I looked up to her and was guided by her my whole life but when she passed on I felt very lost as I had never guided my own journey it was always lead by her. When you connected with her it gave me that much more confidence in my life and where I am at. I still feel so much appreciation for you when I think of that day I was able to connect with you and I am just so thankful! I cant wait for our next session together. Thank you so much Carly!"


" Carly came to my house for a reading party. Several of the attendees were still fresh in their grieving stage after losing a loved one. Carly was incredibly accurate in her readings with each individual and was able to bring understanding and closure to those that were there that day. Carly has a way of putting you at ease with her soft gentle nature. I would recommend Carly to anyone that feels a desire to connect with someone who has passed."


"Where to begin… the warmth Carly brings just to let you in the door. It felt like I was walking into my best friends house of years. I sat down, we chatted and she made it so comfortable for me. She explained what was going to happen next and how to answer her when questions arise. She closed her eyes with her crystals in her hands and I just started to cry.. I wasn’t sure why yet though. I had lost my uncle months before I decided to take this leap into chatting with a medium. I couldn’t feel peace after his sudden death and I just needed to find my connection to him. we did together. I didn’t want our session to ever end I could have sat there for hours, days or weeks. The power, the love, the support that radiates out of Carly; she is a beautiful soul. I finally found some peace after months of searching. I am so thankful for our session and I cannot wait for our next sit down. I was given so much clarity and guidance. I would recommend Miss Intuition to anyone and everyone"



I had a session with Carly and I am a very closed off person and don't give a lot of information. Carly was calm and comforting. She was great as she didn't want a lot of details just " yes or no, or makes sense. everything she said made sense and she answered things I wasn't expecting. Her feelings in my session were emotional in many different ways. Everyone has things happening in their life but I couldve stayed all day and talked with her, she's THAT person. You want to open up because you feel like youv'e known her forever ( even though you just met her an hour ago) Ive had a lifetime of struggles but Carly was amazing during our session! Thank you for listening and for your kindness and heartfelt session. I am grateful.

If you haven't been to a medium and are curious Id recommend Carly to anyone! Even if your uncomfortable she will make you feel comfortable. 


Wow! what can I say, she is on point! I wanted so many answers after the sudden passing of my dad with all that was left behind that needed answering. She was able to give me the answers that i needed and boy was she spot on with everything! She also did a tarot reading and wow it was incredible reading filled with so much information and great things to come. She is truly a wonderful soul and has a great spirit!

I also had a reiki treatment with an angel card reading and I felt wonderful. The card confirmed that I am truly on the right path and encouraged me to go ahead with the plans that I was intending on doing. She is wonderful! The reiki treatment was amazing and I finally slept good last night. All the inflammation in my feet is gone too!!


Carly's connection with people is like nothing else. She is so warm and comforting and creates such a relaxing environment to be in. For someone who didn't really know what to expect going into a reading, Carly told me just to be open to the experience and to be open minded. I have known Carly for many years, so being open has never been a weakness, but when it comes to opening up about struggles, and the feeling of being lost, and uncertain, it is not always easy. Carly made me feel as though we were catching up over coffee after many years. Her reading was so helpful and was so accurate it blew me away. She gave me clarity into what I was searching for and reassured me on questions I had. Carly provided an amazing reading and helped guide me in a direction I was unsure about. She uncovered questions that I hadn't even been thinking of, but always weighed in the back of my mind. 

I am so proud of where Carly is today and how she is using her strengths to help heal and uplift those who need it, even when they don't realize it. I would recommend Carly to anyone who is looking to connect with a loved one that has passed, or direction and guidance for any uncertainties that you may have. Thank you again Carly! xoxo



I cannot say enough positive things about Carly. I connected with her via instagram and knew right away she would be amazing. I had a girls afternoon with 5 friends. She came to where I live in Oro Mendonte had blew us all away. Her accuracy was incredible. In my mind I had 3 questions but never told her what they were. I just was being open to the experience as it unfolded. My experience was jaw dropping, how did you know, incredible validation accuracy. She had touched on things that I had experienced that no one knew about  - she answered all my questions without me even asking. My friends all left very excited and happy. We all want her to come back!If you haven't been to a medium and are curious Id recommend Carly to anyone! Even if your uncomfortable she will make you feel comfortable. 


Carly is absolutely wonderful! I just had a reading with her and i got to hear from my dad, sister, and aunt. the evidence she brought through made sense for all of them as well as things that are going on currently in my life. carly has such a wonderful disposition about her that makes you feel comforted. she's amazing!I also had a reiki treatment with an angel card reading and I felt wonderful. The card confirmed that I am truly on the right path and encouraged me to go ahead with the plans that I was intending on doing. She is wonderful! The reiki treatment was amazing and I finally slept good last night. All the inflammation in my feet is gone too!!


Where do I start? I got to know Carly through a good friend of mine and to be honest I was very sceptical about the whole thing. She pushed me to just try it and get an appointment. I met Carly and she is one of the most genuine, good hearted person I’ve ever met in my life. She only cares about helping others and that’s it. Make the long story short, my entire family and friends got an appointment with her and they all felt the same. I then joined her “Intuitive Dreamers Tribe” and can’t say enough. Personal readings every month has led me to a correct carrier path. But it is more than that. Things I learned, I would not have learned anywhere if I paid three times as much. Carly is gifted. Her gift has helped me make the right decision when I was in a very stressful legal situation. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I probably would have made a lot do wrong choices.

Thank you Carly for being such an amazing person. I look forward to Tribe updates every month. Because of you I have grown spiritually and as a person and this is truly priceless.




I am so impressed with the personal messages I received in my reading. I felt such calmness, knowing you were receiving guiding messages for my issues that were specific to only me..no doubt about it! your connection to spirit and encouragement for me to be aware of signs from my loves ones is re assuring. thank you 


i had a reading from Carly and I can honestly say she has an amazing genuine gift! I loved hearing from my loved ones in spirit, everything was so spot on! highly recommend


carly has read for me three times and each time she has been totally accurate. she has a very gentle and calming presence; and makes sure the reading is making sense and while also allowing you to ask questions. i would highly recommend a reading or a class with carly. she is very skilled and is full of positivitey and also has a beautful soul Thank you Carly for being such an amazing person. I look forward to Tribe updates every month. Because of you I have grown spiritually and as a person and this is truly priceless.




my mom used to take me to a pyschic when i was a young girl andshe was remarkable. i never found someone quite like her until i met carly. she is incredibly intuitive and reads situations very well. i find her extrmeley helpful and accurate. i would not hesitate to recommend her.


I definitely recommend Carly! she is an amazing medium and intuitive coach. I can not wait to continue my journey with her!