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intuitive mentor & healer

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holding space for you 

while you awaken your inner healer


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1:1 distant or in person reiki healing sessions & receive guidance

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spiritual business content creation & IG growth support

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work with me to elevate & grow your spiritual business

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uplevel your life in my spiritual & self growth


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hello! I'm Carly, otherwise known as miss intuition

✧I'm 31 years old, from ontario, canada. I have intuitive abilities that allow me to connect with the spirit world & higher realms. it is my life calling to be a guide for those who have the desire to heal themselves through spirituality. I offer reiki healing sessions, reiki trainings, graphic creation, card readings, 1:1 business mentoring as well as spiritual events. I feel an immense amount of gratitude for the healing work I am able to do in this lifetime and love connecting deeply with my clients. 

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"working with carly has been such a humbling, life changing experience for both my business & my personal life! carly's intuitive gifts are so special and i truly felt like she was communicating with my soul. she encouraged me to follow nudges from the universe and my spirit guides and wow what a change that has made! not only am i on a path i had no idea i would take, but this path feels like the one i was always meant to be on and i can feel my soul singing! I am beyond grateful for carly's constant support and encouragement, she always knew what i needed and how to support me. carly i miss you already and i know for sure i will be back!! so much love."

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"carly is so special! she has the most radiant and positive energy ever. i have been to a few healers/mediums in my life and she is by far the best. after just a few sessions of reiki with her, i felt a weight lifted off my chest and she knew exactly what i needed. i feel lighter and more centered right away! carly is very insightful, honest, and fulfilling! i was reminded of my own personal power and intuition. i truly recommend going to her if you feel like you need a shift in your life!"

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"my name is katie & i love in scotland. I am so grateful to have been mentored by carly who i can't recommend enough! she is an earth angel. I felt so drawn to work with her on instagram. after following her for a while, i felt guided to her mentoring sessions. at our first consultation, i felt so comfortable like she was an old friend. carly breathed belief into me which truly helped me take a leap of faith outside my comfort zone. my business started to boom! carly has a chilled approach and her intuitive guidance helped me see my path clearly. she has so much grace, authenticity, and she puts 100 percent into everything she does. i have learned so much and i can't recommend her enough as a mentor to help you and your business skyrocket!"

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