spiritual medium. intuitive mentor. reiki healer. card reader


hey! i'm carly

I’m 29 years old and embracing my spiritual abilities to the fullest! I am a spiritual medium, intuitive mentor, teacher and energy healer. I take pride in how i make my clients feel at ease. my life’s purpose is to be a messenger for spirit and i love nothing more than being of divine service to help you on your journey.


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spirit readings

connect with spirit guides & loved ones on the other side.

intuitive mentoring

elevate your intuitive abilities & spiritual business working 1:1 with me.

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receive reiki healing in person or at a distance 

card readings

receive guidance and messages from your angels and spirit guides.


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develop your intuitive abilities, and give yourself the space to learn, grow and connect with your high self.


Carly is an absolute gem. she is an angel on earth with an amazing gift and a soulful compassion, for others she is a genuine soul who wants to help others with her gifts. i knew carly as a child and we recently re connected a with a reading that changed my life as it guided me to pursue my own spirituality and become more in tune with my intuition. carly is extremely accurate with her validation through her readings and has intuItively coached me to pursue bigger and better things in life with courage that i didn't know i had.  

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my time with carly was so comfortable. the entire experience was new to me and i felt at ease the entire time. my reading was spot on and the connection to my lost loved one felt so strong. i am very grateful for carly and this experience as it has given me peace in a time where it has been hard to f ind. I will forever be thankful for this experience. if you have lost a loved one and are thinking about booking with carly, i would highly recommend it.


a reading with carly was the best birthday present i ever could have given myself. i was very hesistant to do a mediumship reading and had almost booked numerous times and then would give myself an excue as to why i shouldnt, i am so glad i didnt talk myself out of it this time. Carly made me feel at ease. she made me feel so comfortable and calm right from the beginning. my experience with her was so real and the connection to my loved ones felt so strong. i was blown away with her gift of love and messages she was able to give me. i will forever be thankful for this experience. i would highly recommend carly to anyone looking for a medium reading! thank you so much carly for the clarity you have given me and te peace it has brought me. 

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